Important SEO Tips for Your Website

Important SEO Tips for Your Website

The World Wide Web is ever-growing with hundreds of thousands of new web pages added and uploaded each day. In this swarm of websites and web pages, it gets very difficult to stand-out as an online publisher. Information on any given topic is available on loads of websites which can be used by online users. But, before any webpage reaches to the users, it has to be viewed through the eyes of a search engine.

Someone will definitely end up reading your content but to make more and more people engaged in your content, and to increase traffic on your site, you cannot simply rely on your content but you should make your text on the site laid out in way that it gets priority when pages are being fetched by the engine. For this reason, a very famous technique which was formulated recently is used. The technique is called ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO. It is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s results. ‘

Important SEO Tips

This post will provide SEO tips and guidelines for all online publishers that want to use this optimization technique for their web pages and websites so as to improve their page rank to ensure more people visit and view their content. The following is a list of SEO tips that would be very helpful for online publishers.


Most blogging sites give the option to set a given post’s URL. Utilize this option in an effective way by using hyphens instead of an underscore in the URL and try including primary keywords in your URL. Moreover, avoid very long URLs and try avoiding dynamic URLs.

Page titles

Page titles should be optimized. This means that the page should have a title that truly reflects what the page is about.


Images are usually a very important part of almost every webpage. A very good SEO practice is to optimize image titles to include keywords. Moreover, using the word ‘image’ or ‘figure’ can also be very useful and effective. Moreover, giving meaningful names to the images instead of ‘image1’, ‘image2’ can be useful.

Loading speed

A very important factor for getting a better page rank is the page speed. The better the website’s speed is optimized, the more it will be used by the users otherwise usually people don’t like visiting again the websites that work very slow.

Off-page SEO

Having back-links for your website is also a deciding factor for website ranks. According to the Google’s initial algorithm, the more off-site links a page has, the more worthy and trustable it is. So, to increase your page’s worth, try putting links on other people’s sites that redirect to your website.

Responsive and mobile-friendly pages

Since a lot of the people now access websites via their mobile phones, it is important to design the websites in a way that they are easily readable for mobile users too. Doing so also will increase traffic to your site, resulting in better performance.

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