5 SEO Mistakes That Blogger Make

5 SEO Mistakes That Blogger Make

SEO is the process of increasing the visibility of your online content by using various optimization techniques. These days when the internet is full of content on almost every topic, it is the best option to make your content SEO optimized since it increases your page rank which results in your website getting priority over others and hence, larger traffic without any SEO mistakes.

5 SEO Mistakes

No matter how much everyone stresses the importance of SEO optimization, people still tend to make mistakes while can be very dangerous for the website’s or blog’s reputation. It’s better to know the seo mistakes that can be possibly made when working with online content so as to avoid them in the future. Therefore, in this post, I have jotted down a number of SEO mistakes that bloggers make these days. These are provided for the people with an intention that it will be useful for them in managing their blog or website.

Not optimizing image titles/not including ALT

Images are almost crucial for every blog post. Where written words give the textual representation topic, images give the pictorial representation of the same text. A lot of written content on blog posts usually is accompanied by images, therefore, it is important to even optimize the image titles. At times, images are stored in the site’s directory on the server with names like ‘file1.png’ or ‘image.png’ etc., this type of names should be avoided since they are not optimized. Instead, images should be renamed using keywords used in the post.

Including links that are not SEO optimized or consistent

When posting, we usually have the choice to decide our own URL for a post. This option should be used wisely to choose a URL that is SEO optimized. This means that the URL should have hyphens between keyword instead of all words written without any space. For example, instead of 5SEOmistakesthatbloggermake.com, the link should be like 5-SEO-mistakes-that-blogger-make.com.

Moreover, all the URLs on a given site should be consistent and have the similar structure.

Having poor post titles that are not SEO friendly or don’t have keywords

Titles are very important for posts. They are the first thing that the person sees when opening a webpage and they actually define in a concise manner what a viewer is about to read. They are also important in a manner that the better a title is optimized, the better rank that page will get which will result in better viewership for that page.

Cheating other people’s posts

Plagiarism and cheating posts might seem like an easy way to get your work done but with Google’s ever-evolving ranking algorithm, the websites that just take content from other websites are given a very low rank so it’s better to come up with unique content.

Not including enough content in the post

Content length is another important factor. The more the content a webpage has, the better SEO optimized it can be. However, one should also avoid putting too much content on a single page since it’s not a very good practice.

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